Gina Lash

Gina Lash

Gina Lash is an adventure game based on Angela Anaconda's characters (See all)

Gina Lash is an adventure game based on Angela Anaconda’s characters. You can play this game online on the author’s website, but offer this game as a free download.
Gina Lash is Angela’s best friend, the smartest child in her grade. She is always hungry, and likes to eat pizza, cinnamon swirls and Tastee Swirl ice cream. In this adventure, you will guide Gina looking for an ancient scroll in the Temple of Swirl, which contains the secret of the Cinnamon Swirl recipe.

Gina will find various objects during her journey, which she can pick if you click on them. They will be put in her inventory. Later on, you will be able to select and use the different items when you need them. Sometimes, you will need to use an item immediately - for example, when you find a torch and you are about to walk into a dark room. You will need to coven holes with some items in order to walk over them. Your character will face many dangers. If she dies, she will have to begin her quest from the start again. Your goal is to find the key to open the crystal box that holds the Cinnamon Swirl secret.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free
  • It is challenging


  • The graphics are poor
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